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Surgery and register processing.

Register a consultant
Please fill in your information following form on the website or call No (08) 2244 7788 - (08) 3853 1888- (08) 3853 1999 , we will arrange to you have an appointment with Dr Nhan. All information will be kept absolutely.
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Email                                           Consulting services
After finishing, you will be registered to operate following the staff’s guide

Surgery Processing
For ansthesia surgery will be operated at the clinic

Before surgery

Preparing for surgery: depending on the age, health condition of each person, the doctor will require to examine general health or make some basic tests: blood, x-rays, ultrasound, ECG (if necessary), X-Quang,  blood pressure, vascular system.

- In the processing of the surgery, you will be perfused and followed vascular system, blood pressure by the most mordern monitor; Surgical instruments are disinfected adsolutely following the hospital processing; Disinfect surgical areas to ensure the aseptic principle; Don’t pain during surgery processing; After 15 to 30 minutes, Dr Nhan will operate directly.

After surgery

You will be received a prescription and the staft will guide how to apply a cold compress to surgery area. Please go to the Clinic to care the wound each day and to Dr Nhan examine for you. Depending on the wound and surgical kinds, staff will guide when to cut sucture as follows: For upper eyelid surgery (7 days); Lower eyelid (5 days); Facelift (10 days); Rhinoplasty surgery (10 days); For chin surgery and shaping dimple don't need to cut suture.

For anesthesia surgery will operate in a quality hospital, modern equipments. Some preparing as follow

After you are consulted by Dr Nhan and decided to operate, the staff will guide you to test general health: blood, x-rays, ultrasound, ECG (if necessary), X-Quang, blood pressure, vascular system. When having a general health result, please book a operating schedule at the reception counter or call 2244 7788-(08) 3853 1888. Please coming on be time  to prepare some procedures necessary. Before entering the operating room, please removing jewelry  and wearing the hospital uniform.

In the surgery processing

The equipments and operating room are disinfected following the hospital processing. The anesthesia team will inspect to total equipments related to the operation.  You are perfused and followed vascular system, blood pressure, SPO2 by modern equipments, ensuring safety absolutely.  Disinfect surgical areas to ensure the aseptic principle. After preparing period, Dr Nhan will operate directly.
When patient healthy is better, will be moved to recovery room a day and will be taken care by nurse until leaving hospital. Some days later, please go the clinic to continue to be taken care wound. Usually, after 7 days, you will be cut suture if the wound is good. Please go the Clinic following the guidance of staff.

If there are any questions or change schedule, please contact No 08 22 44 77 88 before date of operating, sincerely.

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