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Close the skin with a Dermabonds glue to heal wounds after surgery.

Close the skin with a Dermabonds glue to heal wounds  after surgery.

The professors of The medicine Institute  combine with scientists from the Faculty of biology and geography of NEFU had studied successful a product using to treat skin lesions after surgery.

The kind of new medical glue  are make from swimming bladder by the scientists .

At present, bacterial infection after surgery is a matter of primary concern in the hospital and one of the principal entrance of bacteria is through incisions. The good incision is one of the key factors contributing to the success of the surgery. To solve this problem has many solutions are given, such as improvements on the operating technique, selecting the appropriate surgery, techniques to close the skin, improve the quality of appropriate sutures, using the antibiotics of a new generation, however the problem don’t resolve absotulely yet.

In recent years, the biochemistry industry have had a great breakthrough for medical product that is skin adhesive. This is a new advance  in medicine has been applied in many countries to minimize the bacterial infection and bring more comfortable for the patient.

Skin glue is a method to close incision, it means  closing two sides of incision to protect wound. It prevents infections from outside and against bacteria; moreover it accords with tissue about biology and mechanics aspects; Hence, giving a postoperative  incision is better.

The technique in using skin glue is simple and quick, even in the case wound is length (the research shows they can use skin glue for the incisions having a lenghth 70 cm). Close the skin with Dermabonds to give a good scar and no cases would infect incision. Patient can do everthing more easy  after surgery and have a bath after 1 week. Do not need to band daily, no pain at the incision. The result is a good scar.

Dr. Nguyen Thanh Nhan was one of those who has pioneered to research and apply new achievements & techniques in medicine, Dr. Nhan has applied Dermanbonds on plastic surgery to minimize surgical scars and the inconvenience of the postoperative processing such as bathing, banding in wound.

Pictures of using bio-adhesive after breast-lift surgery.


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