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Patient   testimonies
Customer : Jeremy Tan
Date :
The results are well above expectations

Dear Dr. Nguyen Thanh Nhan, 

I would like to express my most sincere gratitude for the successful nose operation you performed on my girlfriend, N.T.Luyen. The results are well above expectations and everyone can see for themselves how skillful you are in the field of cosmetic surgery. We would definitely recommend our friends to take your services into consideration if we know of any.

Please do extend my gratitude to your members of staff and nurses at the clinic and hospital, as they did an equally great job of handling the administration work and after-surgery care.

If you happen to be Singapore for a vacation, please do contact me as it will be an honour for me to bring you on a tour of Singapore.

We wish you all the best in your business and may you help more people to fulfil their dreams.

Best Regards,

Jeremy Tan

Customer : L.T.L
Date :
Dr Nhan is a wonder man

My name is L.T.L, live in District 5, HCMC. I am very satisfied so I underwent facelift at The clinic of Dr Nhan. He performed facelift for me without leaving a scar. My nose is very short, but now it is more beautiful. After surgery, my nose is high and small, look so beautiful. In saying truly, I am satistified when I underwent rhinoplastysurgery in here. Dr Nhan is a wonder man! I hope Dr Nhan is ageless to add more beauty for everyone.

Customer : V. M. I
Date :
I’m very satisfied about my breast

My name is V. M, I went to many Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center to be consult about breast enhancement surgery but they don’t set your mind at rest. After I came the Clinic of Dr Nhan, I was confident and chose this place to operate. After operating, The stafftook care of me very nice and now I have a beautiful and natural breasts.The next time, I went back the clinic to have a rhinoplasty surgery. Before, my nose isvery short  I also underwent rhinoplasty many places but I don’t satisfy because nasal tipis red. However, when I underwent rhinoplasty surgery at the clinic of Dr Nhan, I’m very satisfied. And I  don’t  hesitate  to  recommend Dr Nhan to everyone if  you want  to   rhinoplastysurgery.

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